Our idea – pure Pinots with a soul

To achieve this goal, we spend an immense amount of time caring for our vines. This means, without exception, manual work. Only in close contact with nature can we understand the plant and its soil and follow Mother Earth‘s natural course.

Our terroir – a barren seabed

This soil naturally yields only small quantities and endows our Pinots with a lively mineral character and delicate elegance. On top of the vineyard Asselheimer Berg you can see the remains of a rocky reef which conjures up a picture of the sea of the Tertiary sweeping over us and leaving rocky limestone sediments behind.

Our vines – breezy habitat on limestone soils

They grow at altitudes of 180 to 300 metres and thrive on our limestone-based soils. Winds from the valley to the west continuously ventilate our vines, thus provide for a cooler microclimate and the slow ripening of the grapes.

Our Pinot range – handpicked and unmistakable

We vinify our Pinots in a completely traditional way – first in open vessels, later in barrique barrels from Burgundy with a fine, porous micro-structure. Then we give the wines the time they need: Patience truly is a virtue. The soils, the site’s micro-climate and our manual work define the quality of the grapes and give our different Pinots their soul and character.

Our world – synergy of tradition and boundless open-mindedness

We make a living on and live with nature. That makes us down-to-earth and strengthens the bond with our homeland. We work with precision and thoroughness and allow ourselves to be inspired by our curiosity and spontaneity.

Others about us

Gault Millau 2019 (Shooting Star)
"These wines are not made half-heartedly; they are 100% convincing (...) The site wines really rock - they show Gaul's courage to be different.(...) This is how German red wine is made."

Eichelmann 2018 (Shooting Star of the Year)"
"For years we have been following, with great interest, the developments at the Gaul Wine Estate and notice, particularly with his red wines, how he tweaks every little detail and manages to produce more distinctive, more delicate wines every year."

German Red Wine Awards 2015 and 2017 - 1st place with Pinot Noir
"King of Pinot", says wine magazine Vinum (11/2017). "He radically transformed his parents' estate, reduced the yield substantially, and has in the meantime reached a truly respectable quality level..."

Winner at the German Red Wine Awards 2017: 1st place Pinot Noir, 2nd place Cabernet Franc & Shooting Star of the Year Eichelmann 2018

4 Sterne 4 Stars in the Eichelmann (Shooting Star 2018)

3,5 Sterne 3.5 Stars in the Vinum Weinguide

3 rote Trauben 3 Red Grapes in the Gault Millau (Shooting Star 2019)


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